Half Of Women Live In States With Abortion Laws That Contradict Actual Science

The anti-abortion legislators who propose state-level restrictions often argue they are simply promoting and protecting women’s health.

But a new report published this week by the reproductive health advocacy group the Guttmacher Institute highlights the startling extent to which abortion restrictions across the United States fly in the face of evidence about what abortion is and isn’t—and what actually benefits women’s health.

At least 10 of the most popular categories of anti-choice legislation run directly counter to rigorous scientific studies and surveys as well as assertions from some of this country’s major medical organizations, its authors found.

And more than half of women in this country live in states with at least two existing abortion restrictions that conflict with actual scientific evidence, while 30 percent live in states with a whopping five-plus regulations that fly in the face of credible research.

“We firmly believe that sound science matters more than ever in this age of ‘alternative facts,’” Elizabeth Nash, co-author of the report and a senior state issues manager with the Guttmacher Institute said in a press release.